Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Well I am now 22 pictures behind schedule. I don't know how this happened, really I don't. Life gets in the way, I guess. I started another long term substitute job, I got really tired ALL THE TIME, and we had some big time dog trouble. So I am going to catch up all in one post. I honestly don't even know if I took one picture each day, so I'm going to just do my best! But I promise there WILL be 22 pictures in this post, so that no one feels ripped off :) Okay here it goes!

What's been happening on Washington Street...

Jason took me out for ice cream...

A few times... (one of the many reasons that I love my husband oh so very much)

I made cinnamon toast after reading this post. I think I might like my original way better. This was good, but it was SO buttery and sweet that I could only eat a little bit.

I discovered that Paula Deen makes desserts for Wal-Mart, and they are SO GOOD! This lemon gooey butter cake was delicious!

We went over to our friends' Justin and Sara's house for dinner and fun! It was lots of fun until we went outside to play baseball....

and Jason's dad got whacked in the eye with a wiffle ball by their three year old. His glasses went flying, and he got a little bit discombobulated. Then it was not just fun, but funny too! Sara even got it on video. And we COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. For hours.

Their son's reaction was priceless. "I'm going to do that AGAIN!"

We went out to our friends' Shari, Steve, and Andrew's campsite and made campfire pies and played card games. It was good times - except for Windsor's insane barking at anyone who came close and Jason's allergies that were going CRAZY from being outside.

I made fettucini alfredo. We ate it with lots of vegetables to balance all the fat in the sauce.

Ty went to prom. His date was the beautiful Nadine, who is from Switzerland and is so sweet!

The two of them are so awesomely European. I had a great time taking lots of pictures of them.

Windsor started being bad. Very very bad. So bad that we made the very difficult decision to give him back to the shelter where we got him a year ago. We realized that our home was no longer the best place for him, and in order to make our home safe for our baby, he needed to go. But it was a sad sad decision to make.

Our niece and nephew, Brooke and Chase, came for a visit. They both came to Sunday School with us (Chase to be in the class, and Brooke as a helper), and Chase even sang with the kids for Mothers' Day! I also learned that this face runs in the family...

Three generations of beautiful ladies out for Mothers' Day lunch!

My baby belly got HUGE! It's really unbelievable. We also went for our next sonogram but I will post all of those pictures later because there are a lot of them! And they deserve their own post :)

We made tomato, mozzarella, and basil paninis! They were yummy!

The ladies (and gentlemen) at Jason's school threw us a lovely baby shower! We played games, ate cake, and laughed a lot. And they were so so generous. We are blessed :)

Windsor decided to be naughty one more time. Just for good measure.

I made Cinnamon Baked French Toast. It was incredible, and even made it onto Jason's "you can make this again" list.

We drove Windsor to Ohio to return him to the shelter...

...and said our last goodbyes there. We cried. It was so so sad.

Wilson missed Windsor so much that he felt the need to sit on Ty's lap in the car later that night. It was sweet and funny and sad all at the same time.

For those of you still reading, thank you! My husband is snoring in bed next to me, but I hope this post hasn't had that effect on you! Baby pictures to come tomorrow...


  1. I looked at every last picture and read every word. :) You are not boring, and I am not snoring. Sorry about Windsor. I know what it is like to drop your pet off and say goodbye forever. So sad. Things will get better and you definitely made the right decision! I am sure he will have a great new home soon.

  2. It seems like you have a delicious life - you had me at the ice cream!

  3. Just read this-remind me of when you are due? I am so sorry about Windsor-so hard. We had to put Morgan down about a month ago. She had cancer. It has been hard. We decided to get a kitten for the girls-received her last night. Her name is Rosy. Miss ya! Love Ya!