Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nursery Pictures!!!!!!

Well we have had a busy few weeks! Between renovating our 2nd and 3rd floors, teaching music class for our church's VBS, and hosting a child from New York City for two weeks, we've barely had time to do anything else! The blog has unfortunately fallen to the wayside as all of this has been happening but I'm back today with nursery pictures!

I feel like we are completely ready for this baby to come - a good thing since I've been having more and more contractions lately. Everything is pretty much in its place, and we have everything we could possibly need for a newborn. I have one more load of baby things to wash and then everything will be perfect!

First we have my little nursing area. I love it here. I have already started to come in here and sit and think about the baby who is about to join us. I am so looking forward to the time I will spend here with Janie or Charlie, feeding and bonding with him or her.

Dresser from IKEA - I never thought we'd need this much space but it's already filled with clothes!

Changing table and dresser from IKEA - I love how simple and nice it all looks together.

Crib and canopy from IKEA - I love love LOVE this canopy so much!

Jason put Wilson's bed right next to the baby's crib, and he's already started sleeping there occasionally. It's so cute!

Adorable mobile from IKEA!

Light fixture from IKEA - it doesn't usually look this yellow and weird.

I love this shelf of stuffed animals for some reason... maybe it makes me think of my days of collecting stuffed animals. These are all SO SOFT!

Bookshelf with lots of books and a big gator on top!

More places for organization. We don't even have enough stuff to fill all the storage space up yet.

Baby swing in the landing. I got this at a consignment sale, and I love it!

Pack and play downstairs for changing diapers and hanging out!

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  1. Kelli, The nursery is adorable!! I cant wait to see the pictures Jason's sister painted!
    Love you!-Summer