Monday, October 5, 2009

Shopping, anyone?

Jason and I spent the day on Saturday at a nearby outlet mall. I was in desperate need of some cold weather clothes because when I looked through my closet, I realized I had two long sleeve shirts, 4 sweaters, one pair of black pants, one pair of brown pants, a lot of jeans, one pair of tights, and a pair of Cozy Crocs. Sounds like a lot when I type it, but I was running out of warm clothes to wear every day. And one of my long sleeve shirts had little tiny holes all over it, but I was wearing it anyway! And as cozy as my Cozy Crocs are, they are not exactly the fanciest shoes. So it was time for my Florida blood to get some warm clothes.

We left in the morning and spent about 5 or 6 hours there. This place is HUGE, and we were exhausted by the time they were done. But I think I'm going to be warm now! Some people told me they wanted to see some pictures of what I got, but it's cold in our house and I didn't feel like changing my clothes a bunch of times. So I found some pictures online, but because it's an outlet mall, some of this stuff is not on the websites. So I'll show you some stuff now, and maybe later, I'll put some of it on and take some pictures. (Maybe!)

Here we go... (By the way, my husband is a very nice man, and took good care of me by getting me all of these clothes. I love him very much!)

We went to Gap. I love that store. Sometimes their clothes are weird, but they're just so comfy and good. I got:

- a pair of casual khaki pants (for an option besides jeans),
- an AWESOME pair of black and white pants. Sort of a herringbone pattern. I'm not good at describing stuff like that. I'll take a picture later.
- two long sleeve t-shirts (black and purple)

- a v-neck sweater in maroon (unlike the picture I'm posting)

- a pair of chocolate brown cordoroys (again, wrong color in the picture).

We also went to Banana Republic. I have never, ever owned anything from this store, although I'd like to own every single thing there. Here's what I found:

- a navy and beige striped sweater with sort of a cowl neck. I LOVE IT! I wore that one already!
- a navy, purple, and green argyle v-neck sweater. It sort of looks like this picture:

- a pencil skirt in this dark, grey denim color. It looks like this skirt a little bit, but the back has this cool little pleat thing that Jason said looks good on me. haha!

We also went to Ann Taylor. I shop at the LOFT a lot, but not really at Ann Taylor. This was a fun experience. I still think that I like the LOFT better though.

- a blue tweed pleated skirt
- a black and white herringbone skirt
- two pairs of pants - one khaki and one brown. These pants are modern fit which I've never bought before. They fit a lot tighter than the classic fit pants, so I was a unpleasantly surprised to have to buy a bigger size :(, but I like them a lot.

Jason was really excited to go to Eddie Bauer but didn't really like anything there (He got a booklight but no clothes.) I didn't really care about whether or not we went there, but I actually like the clothes there. They fit well and they are SO warm. I got three shirts:

- a sleeveless brown shirt. I know that's not warm but it was on sale (75% off!) and I got it for $5. I can wear it when we go to Florida, for sure.
- a dark blue long sleeve t-shirt. Like this picture, but dark blue.

- a red v-neck sweater that is really cozy!

And now.... I saved the best for last! One of the first places we went to was J. Crew. I have exactly one shirt from J. Crew, and I wear it whenever it is clean. I was actually wearing it on Saturday which I found so amusing for some reason. They were having HUGE sales, and it was very exciting! I bought:

- two pairs of the most comfortable pants I've ever owned. One khaki and one black. They are wonderful. The funny thing was that I was complaining that they had no pockets, but then the saleslady said that there are pockets, they are just "finished shut." I don't understand why you would do that, but I don't care, because now I know I can use a seam ripper and take out the seams. Because I need pockets.
- a thick cotton sweater. It's one of those fancy ones that buttons only at the top and it has a fancy ruffly collar. I wore it to church yesterday.
- a black WOOL COAT! It is soooo warm and and looks so great! It was a lot of money (but I got it for 50% off!) but I know I'll wear it almost everyday. I'm so excited about it. I was worried about it being too small when I had on sweaters and stuff, but the next size up was way too baggy. So I put on a thick sweater and tried it on again. I was AMAZED that my arms slid right in because of the SILK lining. Fancy clothes I've got now.

I also got some socks and tights to keep me warm, a pair of PURPLE and black leather gloves from Clark's (I am in love with these gloves), and two pairs of warm, comfortable shoes that look a little nicer than my Crocs. These two pairs of shoes are probably the most comfy shoes I've ever put on:

So there it all is! I think I did pretty good. What do you think? Am I missing something? It was hard to think of what all I might need as I walked around there. Anyone who has any ideas, please pass them on!


  1. You might want to think about buying some boots?? Shoes without laces have trouble keeping the snow out!

  2. Oh I actually have boots, Jason's sister got them for me a few years ago. They are wonderful! And I bought rainboots today. But thank you for the idea :)