Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well I don't even know if anyone actually reads this blog, but I have sort of failed on keeping up with it. Already. I got so excited to post wedding pictures and summaries of all the exciting events, but then I got exhausted from doing that. So I'm going to give myself a break, blog about other things, and continue posting wedding pictures randomly.

I've been experimenting a lot with my camera and with taking pictures on the manual settings instead of the automatic, and it is a lot of fun! I've also been playing around with some editing tools, and I love the way the pictures are turning out. Here are a few of my favorites!

I know the vignette is a little too strong in this but I was trying to block out the distractions around her precious face. This picture of my sister Cassidy is one of the only pictures I've ever gotten of her real smile. She is one of those kids who smile really oddly when you actually ask them to smile, so you have to catch her off guard.

This was on her latest birthday, just a few days before Jason and I got married. We were opening presents in the family room before we went to Boomer's for some fun. She had just opened a present from my mom and was thrilled. I love her dimples, those precious cheeks and squinty eyes, and how tight she's hanging on to that game (it's a cooking game for her Nintendo DS).

This is the son of one of my new Pennsylvania friends. Sara and I took him to a local park with games and rides for kids. He was so precious in his little hat. I tried to take pictures of him all day but all the rides were under covers and too dark to see him well. This was actually outside so I had fun with this picture! (This was probably the most editing I did.)

Now, I obviously did not take this picture or the next one. (My almost sister-in-law Rachel did, and she is a really great photographer!) However, I wanted to show off my editing because I love these pictures. I had fun with the black and white in this one. I love it because we were finally done getting ready, and we were on our way to the church. I was so so happy and excited, and a little bit in shock that I still wasn't nervous. (I didn't get nervous the entire day.) I just love this picture so much!

This one is my absolute favorite. It makes me tear up every time I look at it. There were a few pictures from the couple of minutes that it took me to get in the car with my veil, but none of them showed this look on my sister Jaime's face. She looks so happy for me and so proud to be my sister. I love it because I feel the same way about her :) She's growing up so fast and soon enough, it will be her getting married. (Yikes!) I was able to make both of our faces "glow" and I think it turned out great. I want to frame this picture. Right away.

So, thanks Rachel, for taking half of these pictures, and thanks everyone else for reading about them! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. You have so many talents!
    By the way, that last photograph is absolutely priceless!

  2. Hey Kelli, Just wanted you to know that there are definitely people who read your blog. I've enjoyed the photos as well!! Love you both. Can't wait to see you guys!