Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A day in the life...

Last week, I read a post on the Simple Bites blog where the author journaled a day in her own life. I thought it was so interesting and wanted to post a similar thing for two reasons. One, I thought that other people MIGHT find it interesting to read about a day in my life (but maybe not!), and two, I thought it was so special that she was able to document the little, every day moments in her children's lives, and I wanted to do the same. Maybe I'm feeling bittersweet about school starting in two weeks, but I really don't want to forget these wonderful days home with my sweet girls. So this Saturday, I kept track of the sweet moments of my day on my phone, and I want to get them down so I never, ever forget...

5:55 - Annie wakes and I hear her on the monitor. I get up, change her diaper, and bring her to bed with me for nursing and cuddles.

7:00 - Alar
m goes off and I decide I need more time to cuddle and rest. I reset the alarm for 7:30. We aren't in a hurry this morning so it's no big deal.

7:30 - Alarm goes off again. I kiss Jason and Annie and then hop out of bed for a shower.

This is why I couldn't get out of bed this morning!

7:50 - I finish getting dressed and wake up Jason and Janie. He takes her to the bathroom to shower while I marvel at myself wearing non-maternity shorts and pack the diaper bag with essentials for the day. This includes wipes, diapers for Annie, 2 changes of underwear and clothes for Janie, three changes of clothes for Annie, two burp rags, an extra shirt for me, a receiving blanket, the Ergo, a scarf that I use as a nursing cover, snacks and a fork and spoon for Janie, and my wallet, camera, phone, and sunglasses. I wonder if we are leaving the house for a few hours or a few days.

Regular shorts! No elastic waistband! Woohoo!

8:15 - Janie and Jason finish in the shower. I get Janie dressed and check to make sure that Ty, Jordan, and Jordan's friend Andrew are up and moving on the third floor. They are - Ty is getting in the shower and Jordan and Andrew are dressed and playing checkers.

8:20 - I haul Janie, Annie, and all their stuff down the stairs. Jason's already down there feeding the dogs breakfast. I give Janie her vitamins and an m&m for going potty this morning.

8:30 - I sit on the couch to nurse Annie again. I can hear Jason and Janie on the porch swing outside. She's asking to sing songs about God. I see Annie's pacifier (the only one she will take) on the ground behind a chair and rejoice! It's been missing for the past day, and I've been worried because I bought it on the clearance rack at the grocery store 6 months ago. I don't think I could find another one, even if I tried. Janie comes inside and asks to watch Elmo. I turn on Sesame Street on Netflix for her.

9:00 - The boys come downstairs and we load up the car. We are going to a little Amish restaurant for breakfast that's about an hour away. We get on the road. I do my make up on the way there while Jason drives, and then I alternate between writing thank you cards and keeping Janie happy. (She's hungry and wants to eat NOW!)

9:50 - We arrive at Esther's and see an entire field packed with cars and Amish buggies. A huge barn is filled with people and it is obvious there is some sort of special event going on. The parking attendant tells us that the restaurant is closed today and that there is an auction going on to benefit their local school. He says that there is food for sale so we can eat there instead. We decide to check it out!

10:00 - We park the car and unload. I put Annie in the Ergo and the kids put on jackets. It's 60 degrees out! We head to the barn and enjoy breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, French fries, and homemade soft pretzels. We sit and watch the auctions going on inside and outside for awhile. Janie studies the young auctioneer outside and then turns to me and says, "Mommy, dis is fun! Dat boy is singing!!" She thinks she is at a concert :)

These were so delicious - I can't even do them justice with a picture or words.

10:45 - We stop at the food stand again to get some homemade donuts to bring home, and then we get back in the car. Annie is fussy now, so I sit in the back with the kids to help her with the pacifier. She is still getting the hang of it and needs some help holding it in her mouth.

11:00 - Just a little ways away from Esther's is an Amish general store and antique store called Yoder's. We unload again - change a very messy diaper and put Annie back in the ergo  and Janie in the stroller. She is begging for milk so Jason buys her some inside and then takes her potty while I quickly shop in the bargain food section. I buy some King Arthur flour for 50 cents a bag, some juice boxes for 10 cents a piece, some aluminum-free baking powder, and a few snack foods for Janie.

11:20 - Annie is really fussy and hungry now, so I pay for our groceries and go back to the car to nurse her. Jason and the kids stay inside to shop and look around.

11:45 - Annie finishes and I want to go back inside with her but I realize that I am locked in the car. I am sitting in the backseat and the child lock is on so I can't open the door. I laugh hysterically for a few minutes, and then I call Jason and ask him to send one of the boys out to open my door. Jordan comes out and frees me. He's laughing too :)

11:55 - I check out the purchases Jason made in the antique shop - a stuffed collie dog and some framed prints. We load back up again and start driving.


Looks just like Wilson!!!

12:10 - Janie announces she has to pee so Jason pulls over at McDonald's and I hop out with her. We run inside, I get her on the toilet annnnnd... She doesn't have to go anymore. Back out to the car, back in the carseat, and back on the road. Annie is screaming because her pacifier fell out while I was gone. Back in her mouth and she's okay.

12:30 - We arrive to a small Amish village called Smicksburg. It is "Peachy Saturday" so there are tons of people all over. I change Annie's diaper and we head into one of the shops. We sample peach cobbler, peach salsa, and peach dip. We hear talk of a scavenger hunt so we get some details before we leave the store.

1:00 - We head to Old Smicksburg Park for the big scavenger hunt. The kids have so much fun. They are given a list of ten nature items to hunt and then released into the wild. Jordan and Andrew look together and Ty helps Janie. They find the objects and then end up at a building where they decorate cookies and have their faces and arms painted. Then they head back to one of the stores for a prize for participating - a bag of candy.

Andrew, Jordan, and Janie ready for the hunt!

Janie got to be on Ty's team!

Janie asked for her face to be painted like a pig... this lady wasn't up for it, so she got a butterfly instead.

Jordan's turn.

Brothers. Forever. Love it.

2:25 - We decide we are done and want to leave so we head back to the car. I run into one of the shops with Janie so she can potty. She does and we leave after that.

2:55 - I call Andrew's mom on the way home to ask if he can spend the night again. She says yes and that she'll pick him up in the morning.

3:00 - We get home and I nurse Annie while Jason takes Janie potty and puts her down for a nap and the boys play board games on the floor in front of me.

3:30 - Our friend Shannon stops by to say hi. She's dog sitting for her dad and she brings Dakota over on their walk.

3:40 - I change Annie's diaper and lay her down for a nap, then I use restroom for the first time since this morning!

3:45 - Annie's crying so I pick her up and rock her for a few minutes. She falls back to sleep quickly.

3:55 - Mama lays down for a nap after checking on the boys. They are happily playing with Legos.

6:00 - I wake up, shocked that I slept for two hours.

6:05 - I hear Janie on the monitor. Jason gets her up while I use the restroom again and check on the boys. They are still playing Legos. It looks like something exploded on the landing and stairs but they are happy and having fun.

6:15 - I start dinner - we are having spaghetti and meatballs and sliced peaches. I make the sauce and let it simmer with the meatballs I made last week and then froze. Janie sits on the floor and pretends to nurse her baby doll. She tells me, "Mommy, my baby has milk from my chest."

6:50 - I ask the boys to set the table and I get water for everyone.

7:05 - Dinner is served!!

7:07 - Annie wakes. She has impeccable timing. I change her diaper and sit on the couch to nurse her. I normally would just nurse her at the table but there are a lot of boy eyes watching, and I'm not feeling up to the juggling. I check instagram while she's eating.

7:15 - The boys are still hungry and the pasta is all gone. I ask Jason to boil water for more pasta. They play the piano for each other while waiting. I'm not used to cooking for so many boys at one time!

7:30 - Janie is done, and she ate every bite on her plate! She plays with Ty while I eat with the boys during their round two. Annie swings in the other room.

7:45 - Annie starts fussing so Jason gets her from the swing. He holds her while the boys clear the table and clean the stairs off and I clean the kitchen up, put the food away, and start the dishwasher.

8:00 - I take the kids to the playground while Jason and Ty go pick up ice cream for everyone.

On our way to the playground!

8:20 - Annie nurses in the Ergo for about 5 minutes.

8:25 - Jason and Ty show up with the ice cream. We eat it on the playground and then play a dysfunctional game of kickball.

8:45 - We head home, and i change Annie's diaper.

8:55 - I nurse Annie while everyone else plays Twister. Really funny to watch.

9:15 - Jason takes Janie up to bed while the rest of us watch The Wiz.

9:40 - I take Annie up to rock her to sleep but she is still acting like she wants to nurse. We have some quiet time in her room, nursing and cuddling.

10:15 - I reluctantly put Annie down and go downstairs to start a load of laundry. I am so behind on laundry from our vacation last week. I get sidetracked by the messy stovetop and stop to wipe it up and clean up a few more messes in the kitchen.

10:20 - I hear Annie crying on the monitor. I guess she wasn't ready to sleep. I grab a snack of sliced peaches, refill my water glass, and go back upstairs. Laundry will have to wait again.

10:25 -  I get Annie from her crib. I change her diaper again and then bring her to bed with me to nurse laying down.

Late-night side-lying nursing. My favorite.

11:00 - Annie is sound asleep next to me so I carry her to her crib and she stays asleep this time. I lay in bed reading my email on the iPad for a very very short time before falling asleep.

12:40 - Jason comes to bed and I realize I am not very comfortable because I fell asleep reading in a strange position. I fix my pillow and blanket and fall asleep much more comfortably this time.

3:30 - Annie wakes. I nurse her in the rocking chair.

4:30 - Back asleep for both of us until 7 am. I think 7 hours of sleep (plus a nap earlier) with a newborn isn't too bad!!!!

AND if you got through this entire blog post - you didn't too bad either :) Thanks for reading!

Also... I am so so so very blessed.

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