Saturday, August 15, 2009


Our rehearsal went surprisingly smooth. I was expecting a train wreck - with 30 people in the wedding party and about 30 more people there to watch, I couldn't see how it was going to be a smooth evening. Our pastor did a really great job of keeping people on track and telling Jason and me exactly what we needed to know. Of course there were some minor issues, but I was so pleasantly shocked by how well it all went. Here are a few pictures of the whole event:

Jason waiting for me to walk down the aisle. I love how nervous he looks. He didn't look this nervous the next day so I guess he got it all out right now.

My mom about to give me away for practice. It was so nice to have my mom there by my side. I couldn't ask for a stronger and more amazing person to be right there with me. I love that we all (Jason, my mom, and me) held hands up there together.

Going through the whole ceremony itself. We didn't say our real vows at this time. He had us say things like, "I, Kelli, promise to put the ring on the right finger." He also gave us lots of good advice on what to do if the ring wouldn't fit (like that would ever happen, ha!) or if the rings were dropped (which they weren't!).

And practicing our recessional. We're happy right now because of the music that is being played - Widor's Toccata. Ahhhh...

But now, for the good stuff. There are so many reasons that we chose to have ALLLL of these people in our wedding. These pictures give you a pretty good explanation of some of those reasons.

First of all, we have these precious little girls spinning around with their flower baskets on their heads. I love how much fun they're having.

Next, we have Chase and Aiden having pillow fights with the ring pillows. These pictures sparked quite a controversy because we wanted the boys to carry our real rings instead of pretend ones. As you can probably imagine, some people didn't think this was the most brilliant move on our part, but we decided to trust these handsome boys, and they did a perfect job! I think it's because they got all the pillow fighting out of the way during the rehearsal!

My poor, dear, sweet flower girls stranded at the front of the church because no one told there where to go when it was over! I think they're quite amused with themselves in this one.

Oh silly kids, you say! Don't be fooled.

The following is a picture of MY BRIDESMAIDS - grown women - doing The Wave. I hear rumors that the handsome gentlemen were doing the same, and more, but no one managed to get their shenanigans on film.

(By the way, neither Jason or me had any idea that any of this was happening! Only later were we told about all of this naughtiness...)

Oh, how I love these people.

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