Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10: 31/326

Okay so I cheated a little bit yesterday on my picture taking. I got in bed and realized I hadn't taken a single picture all day. But we did watch the movie 2012 last night, so I thought this would work as a substitute...

Jason and Ty watched this movie two nights ago. I was feeling tired and my leg was bothering me, so I didn't see most of it, and I saw none of the end. So last night (in place of AMERICAN IDOL and GLEE!!!) we took it over to Jason's parents' house and watched it with them. Don't worry, we taped AI and Glee to watch another day.

This was an enthralling movie - that's the best word I can use for it. The effects were incredible and the story lines were touching. I somehow managed not to cry, but I think that's only because I was fighting to keep my eyes open for the last 45 minutes. Not the movie's fault, I just fall asleep a lot these days.

I'm not sure what I believe about the end of the world, and I really don't know if it will happen anything like it occurs in the movie, but it was fun to watch and I would recommend it to anyone!

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