Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10: 35/326

Saturday, March 13

We had such a great day on Saturday! First was the annual St. Patrick's Day parade which was cold, windy, and very short. But I sat my pregnant booty in a comfy Florida Gators chair and had the radio station man throw me three bags of chips, so I enjoyed myself :)
Then we drove over to the new pizza place in town and had their white pizza (with basil and tomatoes). Yum!
After lunch, all the Stubbe's packed up and drove an hour to a town that has a REAL MALL and BARNES AND NOBLE and BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY and OLIVE GARDEN and TARGET and all sorts of other places that we don't have in our own town! We got very excited about all the sights and had a lot of fun shopping at the mall, Target (new maternity clothes for me!), and Baby Depot.
This town also had a Red Robin so we went there for dinner. I've never been there before but it was SO good! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has one around.
I love this picture of Jason and me from dinner.

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