Monday, March 29, 2010

10: 49/326

On Saturday, Jason and I had a little date night. We drove to a town much bigger than our own and had great fun at Chik-fil-a, Target, Old Navy, Macy's, and....

Babies R Us!

It was so much fun to try out all of the strollers and carseats, and to look at the incredible amount of paraphernalia that we're are supposed to acquire in the next four months. I think we've decided on this stroller and carseat combination - Chicco Cortina Travel System. Oooh, it's so nice!

Anyway, one of the BEST parts of our whole night was being able to park in this parking spot! We both got so excited over this little sign. Excuse the poor quality - I had to use my cell phone because my camera was at home.

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