Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy baby to me!

My baby shower was so much fun! It was hosted by the ladies in my small group, as well as my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. They were all so thoughtful and generous, and I had a wonderful time! I hope that everyone else did as well!

Some of our good friends - Sarah, Molly, and Kate are sisters, and they are all sweet and funny girls!

My mom posing with her "Grandma Holz" photo album. She was being silly about the word "Grandma" - she's not quite ready for it yet... any suggestions for other names for her?

Our small group - Sue, Shari, Lori, me, and Michelle. We're only missing Jayne!

Peggy is the other host mom for foreign exchange students that we got to know this year.

A lot of lovely ladies - Linda, Ellie, Kris, Elaine, Heather, and Tammie. Linda and Ellie are both ladies who do EVERYTHING at church, Kris and I spend lots of time together each week while her girls have piano lessons with Jason, Elaine used to sing in the choir with us, and Heather and Tammie both teach kindergarten in our district! Heather and Jason work at the same school.

Another bunch of wonderful women - Marilyn, Peggy, Joan, Karen, Jean, Tracey, and Flossie. Marilyn, Peggy, Joan, and Jean all sing in the choir, Tracey is our pastor's wife, and Flossie is... just Flossie. I could write a few blog posts about her all on her own, but Flossie is the person who went out of her way to introduce Jason to our town when he first moved here. She is known for her hospitality in our church.

The ding-a-lings! Jason and I ring in the handbell choir with all of these fun ladies - Gladys, Vicky, Colleen, and Joyce.

This was my table, but I forgot to get in the picture - my sister-in-law Julie, our friends Sarah and Kate, my mom Ann, and Jason's mom Norma.

Opening gifts.

Jason came for the last half of the festivities, but the rest of the pictures didn't turn out so well, so this was the best I could do :)

I had SUCH A GREAT TIME! Thank you to everyone who was there!

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