Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jessie girl

We babysat for Jason's parents dog, Jessie, for a few days last week, and we had such a good time with her. Jessie and Wilson get along so well - they're just right for each other. She has lots and lots of energy and adores Wilson. She loves to give him kisses and play with him. She also is the cuddliest dog I have ever met in my life! If you are petting or holding her, she will scoot closer and closer and closer to you until there is nowhere else for her to go. She literally cannot get close enough to us. She took to sleeping in our bed for the days she was with us, and the same thing happened in there. She just couldn't get close enough! For some reason she knew not to climb on me, but Jason was not so lucky! If he turned over on his stomach, she would crawl on top of him with her arms and legs wrapped around him. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. It's nice to be SO loved and to see a dog show that much affection. Here's a picture of Jason and Jessie watching TV - I had to get it because it was so typical of what went on the whole time she was with us.

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