Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Big News!

When I was pregnant with Janie two years ago, I ate an enormous amount of Chocolate Cheerios. I ate them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for snacks. (I also ate Spaghetti-O's but that's another story.) I ate SO MANY  Chocolate Cheerios, and then after she was born, I never wanted them again. So fast forward to this past weekend... I was shopping in Big Lots, and I came across a GIANT box of Chocolate Cheerios - I had to have them! I thought nothing of this until the next morning when I poured myself a big bowl of them, and BAM - I knew. I must be pregnant.

Chocolate Cheerios

Except for the fact that I had already taken two pregnancy tests, and they both said no! But I just knew... the Chocolate Cheerios had decided for me, coupled with the fact that I had taken about 5 naps over the weekend. So Monday morning, we found out that I was right - I am pregnant, and the baby is due on July 16, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so thrilled! We also were so excited to be able to announce the news with Janie, so we did just that for our families.

Janie's big news!

Well my childhood friend Lauren is expecting her first baby, and I have been keeping up with her progress through her blog and her baby blog. She does this very fun weekly questionnaire to keep her friends and family updated, and I want to do the same for my friends and family. So I will start on this week, the 6th week of my 2nd pregnancy.

How far along: 6 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I guess I'll find out at my next doctor's appointment but I feel like I've gained 20 pounds in 4 days for some reason!
Maternity clothes: I have to admit that I did get out a pair of maternity jeans already due to the answer above...
Stretch marks: These didn't show up until the last month of being pregnant with Janie... here's hoping for the same this time!
Sleep: I AM SO TIRED. ALL THE TIME. I have a cold and took off one day this week. I took naps with Janie whenever she did. So one time I put her down, then went to my room to lay myself down. Here's what I found... (Guess I'm not the only tired one!)
Dog nap
Best moment this week: Telling our families, then friends, then students, then bell choir, then everyone we've ever met. :) We really did have fun telling everyone!!!! 
Miss anything: Just feeling well rested would be nice.
Movement: Not yet!
Food cravings: See the picture of the giant box of Cheerios above? Yep, that's pretty much it so far. Oh and the ice cream that Jason went out and got for me one night. Which I never ended up eating because "it's not as good as the Meadows." Oh boy.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs. Just like last time. 
Have you started to show yet: Hahaha. Well I like the fact that I can use the excuse, "I'm pregnant!" now when I'm feeling not so thin :) Also, remember the maternity jeans I already got out?
Gender: We will wait until he/she is born to find out again but Jason and I both think it's a girl again.
Labor signs: Not for a long time, I hope!
Belly button in or out: In. It never came out last time.
Wedding rings on or off: On!
Happy or moody: Depends on who you ask I guess, but I'd say MOODY with all capital letters.
Other weird and random pregnancy related things: I have had a killer headache for the past 3 days. When I was pregnant with Janie, I never had a headache, so I was hoping for the same thing this time! Also, my skin has been so itchy and I couldn't figure out why. Just got an email about itchy skin. Guess that's another symptom!
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor to hear the heartbeat of this little one, watching my belly grow, and seeing Janie learn to become a big sister.
Milestones: Baby is developing jaws, cheeks, a chin, ears, kidneys, liver, and lungs this week. Pretty cool!!!
From Janie's perspective: Janie has learned to point to my belly when we ask her, "Where's the baby?" She also likes to kiss the baby goodnight each night. I know she's going to be an amazing big sister!!!!

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