Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had so much fun with Janie this year on Halloween! Last year, she was very cute in her baby duck costume but this year, she had so much personality and we just were able to enjoy her so much!

First... pictures from last year...

She was sooo small!!!!

But this year was so different... We dressed Janie, Wilson, and Aggie up with a common theme - medieval characters. We just happened to find a knight and a princess costume for the dogs months ago at TJ Maxx, then when we finally went out to get Janie's costume, the first one we saw was a dragon! It was perfect, and she loved it. She spent the whole night growling when we asked her what a dragon said - it cracked everyone up!

All ready to go with a thumbs up and everything!


She did not want me to be taking these pictures, can you tell?

Eating a pumpkin cookie.

Hanging with Grandma and Grandpa.

Visiting with neighbors.

The trio. What a feat to have this picture!

Ready for trick or treaters!

Our house also looked pretty good! Jason puts up weird, torn curtains and plays very loud and creepy organ music, and we always carve a few pumpkins. This year, we carved them with Timon of course, and also with our friend Shannon. They turned out pretty good, I'd say :)







Then came the best part of all! Our friends Justin and Sara came over with their two children, we (very slowly) walked down the street to our friend Jen and Stephen's house to take pictures with their two children, and then we all had a walking trick or treat caravan for a few blocks. It was so cute to see Janie play with her friends, walk in her dragon costume, and figure out what this Halloween thing is all about. Most of the time, she crawled up the steps to each neighbor's front porch, dropped off her bag, and waved bye bye. She didn't really get it. But we had fun anyway!

Asher (and his sister Abby) arrive. Janie's got a tiny little baby crush on Asher :)

The whole crew.

The babies :)

Janie's method of getting up the stairs. 

I can't wait for next year - I know it will be even more fun!

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