Monday, April 19, 2010

10: 65/326

Monday, April 12

My car was fixed after the debacle that happened on Saturday, and the miraculous thing was that it cost LESS than we thought it would. A lot less. I'm not sure when that ever happens, but we were thrilled. So thrilled that we all hopped in the rental Audi and drove over an hour to pick up my car, test drive a Suburban, eat at Chik-Fil-A, and go to Babies 'R Us. You know, all the good things in the life.

Ty made a list last week of things he wants to do before he leaves to go back to Germany. On this list was "test drive a big American car." I think the Suburban accomplished that. Oh! I should note - Ty did not actually test DRIVE the car. Jason drove, the car salesman rode shotgun, and Ty and I were in the backseat. Nevertheless, he was thrilled! And I was excited to go to Babies 'R Us again, and we were all ecstatic to EAT MOR CHIKEN. Yum!

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