Monday, February 15, 2010

10: 9/326

This afternoon, Jason went to the pet store and bought two hamsters for his class pets. His class had a hamster named Fluffy for the last two years, but he died in December. Jason and I went a few weeks ago and saw the cutest, tiniest little hamsters I've ever seen, but the woman said they wouldn't be ready for homes until last week. So Jason went to get them today.

When he came home, he put the cage on the coffee table and Wilson just LOVED watching them. He walked around and around the table, putting his nose right up on the cage. It was so cute.

Tonight, we took the hamsters out and let Wilson play with them a little bit. He was so gentle and sweet with them. He started herding them around the room and licking their heads. They were laying their little paws on his nose, and it honestly was one of the most precious things I've EVER seen!

Poor Windsor was scared to death of them. Put together, they are smaller than one of his paws, but he seemed to think they were going to eat him. We were laughing so much.

It made us wonder how both of them are going to act around the baby...

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