Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Catching Up (Again)

I can't believe I haven't written since October. So much has happened since then. I do not want to have to do a catch up each time I blog, so I am going to try very hard to stop doing this. Since I last wrote, here are some things that have happened:

- Jason and I fostered two Cocker Spaniel puppies for two months. They chewed up and peed all over everything in sight, but we loved them so much. We still miss those little pups.



- Tyrone, a high school student from Germany, came to live with us. He'll be here until June, and we love having him with us. We're learning so much about his culture and our parenting skills which is great because....

Ty and his favorite part of America, Dr. Pepper

- We found out we're expecting our first baby on August 5, 2010! We are thrilled beyond belief!

Our baby's 10 week sonogram. I love those little arms and legs!

- We took a wonderful road trip to Florida and stopped at some really fun places.

Jason and Ty being funny at the Washington Memorial

- My little brother got MARRIED to his high school sweetheart, Rachel!!!

Andy and Rachel leaving their reception. I love their happy faces.

Andy and our mom hugging goodbye as the happy couple leaves. I love the joyful look on Andy's face and Mom's fancy hair-do.

- I experienced the start of my very first WINTER. Scary stuff!

Jason and me in what I thought was a lot of snow... I had no idea.

I'm going to post all these pictures, and then I have some more exciting news to post.

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