Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 326

imagine being able to look back at any day of your year and recall
what you did, who you met, what you learned…

The whole reason that I started this blog was to keep in touch with my friends and family through words and pictures. That said, since Jason and I have been married, I take my camera out less and less. Partly because it's only us to take pictures of now, and partly because I am still getting to know people in our town and I don't feel comfortable whipping out my camera all the time.

However, with the baby coming, I'm worried that this is starting to become a habit, and I really want to take lots of pictures of every big and little moment in our lives, especially once we have children. To help with this, I am going to participate in several different projects that will encourage me to use my camera more often. The first is called Project 326, originally called Project 365. The idea for this project is that I post one picture every single day that sums up my day. It could be something new and exciting, or just a regular old event in our lives. I want to look for the little moments that God blesses us with every single day of our lives.

I did not start on January 1, so I think I did the math right and there are 326 days left from when I'm starting. I'm going to go back a few days and post one for the past three days, including today.

I hope you all enjoy, and I encourage you to join in on your own blog, or wherever you want!


  1. I think this is so fun! I just got a really nice camera for Christmas. I want to use it more too! You might have something great going on here! Read your yoga blog, what a hoot! That was a laugh I needed today! And you are right it is real cold here! Though I have been here longer than you, I should be ok with it...well that is not true! I want SPRING....NOW!!!! Enjoyed your blogging, thanks for sharing. Will check back!

  2. What an awesome idea! Not only will you keep a visual diary of your year, but you'll be more photo-aware and ready for when something happens later on when baby is doing things you want to capture! When my first reaction to Erin completely painting Isaac with my makeup- on the day we were packing the truck to move to Fl- my first reaction was to grab the camera!

    You go girl!

  3. what a great idea!!! wish I had the time to do that.... I am lucky if I get to the blog once a month right now :) maybe less time on facebook.... yea.