Saturday, April 9, 2011

Growing, Learning, Getting OLD!

Wow... I've been telling myself over the past few months, "I don't need to blog. I'm too busy for that, not that many people read it, and it's silly anyway." Then I just looked back at the past year of blogging, and I was so THANKFUL that I have so many events/people/memories documented. I want to do this for Janie, Jason, and me, as well as my friends and family who live far from here, and I can certainly make time to blog at least once or twice a week! It's important and so convenient... okay so here I go again... (enjoy the timeline of Janie growing as you read).

Newborn Janie hanging out in her crib.

The last time I blogged about Janie was the first week of her life. Sad, huh? Since then, Janie has grown and grown and grown. She is learning so much and developing in so many ways.

1st month
Month 1 - Figuring out this whole sitting up thing.

She eats TONS of table food (we are semi-practicing baby-led weaning) and although she started drinking formula last week for her weekday bottles at Grandma and Grandpa's, I've still been able to breastfeed with minimal issues her entire life (yay!). I've been having a lot of fun with my steamer basket, food processor, and crockpot to make things like applesauce, veggie mashes, and yogurt for Janie. I love this book!!!

2nd month
Month 2 - In a pretty dress from Nana.

We are still loving our gDiapers a LOT. She has suffered from very little diaper rash and I've figured out a pretty good system for washing and keeping up with the dirty diapers. We've found what products and accessories we love as well as some that are not so great.

3rd month
Month 3 - Learning to sit and smile.

She is SOOOO tall - she is 7 1/2 months old now and fits just about perfectly into size 18 months. She's not chubby at all, although her legs have some pretty cute rolls, but I think that's because everything is going into her height! I think she definitely takes after her uncles Andy and Zachary (my brothers).

4th month
Month 4 - On her granddaddy's quilt (my dad).

Janie is so close to crawling but I've been saying that for months! She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth for a really long time. It's too cute.

5th month
Month 5 - Sitting on her own in a fancy dress.

She is LOUD! She loves to babble and can now say "Hi," "Bye," and "Agga!" (Aggie) It's amazing to watch her learn to communicate. We've started to teach her sign language (a few signs) and will do that more and more in the upcoming weeks and months.

6th month
Month 6 - Smiling all the time now.

Janie loves to belly laugh, give hugs and kisses, look at and listen to books, and she chews on everything! She has two teeth now and two more will (hopefully!!!) be here soon.

7th month
Month 7 - In a big girl carseat already!!! (Got too tall!)

We have so much fun with this little girl, and we can't even imagine life anymore before she was here!

8th month
Month 8 - Looking forward to warm weather so we can get outside and play in the grass!

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