Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Favorite Reads

Each week, I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite things I've read on the web lately. I always wish I could share the great things I read with my friends and family, and I think this is one easy way to do it. I hope you enjoy!

(This list will be a little longer today than it normally will be in the future because I'm going back further than a week.)

Things I'd Like to Cook:

photo by Erin at One Dish Dinners

Step-by-Step: Homemade Fruit Leather from the Tasty Kitchen Blog - A healthy alternative to fruit roll ups and gummy candies. I'm sure I will be making this a lot as Janie gets older and as our family grows. Easy and healthy!

Vegetable Lasagna from The Pioneer Woman Cooks - This is something that I would love to eat, and Jason would probably never eat. I'm thinking maybe one day I'll cut this recipe in half and make a small one and make a small regular lasagna for him. This recipe also makes me think of my mom - I think she'd love it!

Southwest Macaroni and Cheese from One Dish Dinners - Looks tasty and uses only one dish! Love that!

Loaded Potato Frittata Recipe from One Dish Dinners - Now this is something that Jason would devour, and I can't wait to make it! Bacon, potatoes, eggs, sour cream, cheese, green onions... yep! Sounds like a winner!

McDonald's Oatmeal Throwdown + Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe from What's Cooking With Kids - First, some enlightening information on McDonald's new "healthy" breakfast alternative, oatmeal, and then a recipe for some oatmeal that is actually healthy and will get your morning off to a good start.

Things I'd Like to Bake:
photo by Ree at The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing from The Pioneer Woman Cooks - A simple and basic recipe to have on hand. Can fancy them up with different colored sprinkles or toppings.

Sweet Cinnamon Scones from The Pioneer Woman Cooks - Delicious. I'll make these this weekend I think.

Step-by-Step: Snickerdoodle Muffins from the Tasty Kitchen Blog - A muffin that tastes just like my favorite kind of cookie... what could be better than that?!

Meyer Lemon Pound Cake from The Coupon Goddess - If I can find a Bundt pan, I'll make this this weekend too. Oh so yummy!

Things I'd Like to Make:

PB egg 1
photo by Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

never buying skirts again from kidnapped by suburbia - A cute, easy tutorial for making little girl skirts. I want to get out the sewing machine from my Granny and make some of these for Janie!

Mock Frozen Yogurt from Heavenly Homemakers - An easy and healthy (notice a trend... easy, healthy, cheap!) smoothie recipe. I'd like to make this for Janie soon.

Homemade Peanut Butter Easter Eggs from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - I am definitely making these for Easter. I can't wait!

Kitchen Tips/Shortcuts:

Cook Ahead Shredded Chicken from One Dish Dinners - Instructions on slow-cooking a whole chicken to shred and freeze for future meals. I do this now with any chicken I have in the freezer but I'd like to start doing it regularly with whole chickens. Save time and money!

Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix from $5 Dinners - An easy, cheap, and healthy alternative to the packets of ranch dressing mixes at the store. Just mix with milk and mayo. Also, links for taco seasoning, lemon pepper seasoning, and seasoning salt.

Homemade Substitutes for Grocery Staples from Simple Bites - Lots of great tips, plus a whole list of things you can make yourself instead of buying, including stocks, salad dressings, sauces, syrups, spreads, condiments, and dairy. If only I had a bigger freezer!

Better, Cheaper, Safer 4-Way Soft-Scrubber from Keeper of the Home - Self-explanatory. Good for the kitchen and bathroom!

Non-Toxic Cleaners You Can Make at Home from Keeper of the Home - Same as above but many, many more ideas.

Parenting - Words of Wisdom:

Be a Safe Parent! (Tips to keep your home safe for kids) from Practical Parenting - A great list from a great blog that covers all the baby-proofing we still need to do in our own house.

Time-Outs are for Coaching from Not Just Cute- Some tips on how to make time out more effective... I know we'll be needing this in the next couple of years as Janie grows. By the way, this is one of my favorite blogs - the writer is a preschool teacher whose purpose is "intentional whole child development." I love that - great ideas for me to use as both a teacher and a parent.

A Mother of Prayer from Raising Homemakers - A great story about prayer and a reminder to pray for our daughters daily. Even now.

Why (and How) You Should Create a Healthy Food Culture for Your Family from Simple Bites - This is fantastic. Just read it :)

Marriage - Words of Wisdom:

The Time of Day from girltalk - An encouraging discussion on marital decision making and Biblical submission. A great reminder for me.

Okay well I have so many more I'd like to share but I think that's enough for now! Hope someone enjoys my list!

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