Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Spring Walk

I love spring around here. It's so refreshing and after a long winter, it's just what I need to see - flowers, blooming trees, green grass, sunshine! Oh I love every bit of it. When the weather is nice here, we are outside a LOT. We love to go on long walks and take advantage of the warmness and sunniness before it's gone again!

The dogs love it too.



Jason and Janie love it too... if they can ignore their watery eyes because of allergies (the only downside of Spring).



Oh and the flowers. How beautiful!

Flower 4

Flower 3

Flower 2

Flower 1

And the blossoming trees. Yesss.

Cherry blossom 5

Cherry blossom 4

Cherry blossom 3

Cherry blossom 2

Cherry blossom 1

I'm happy even looking at these pictures :)

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  1. Kelli, I am just catching up on all of your posts! I'm still getting used to all this blogging of yours! First, I LOVE the sweet shot Tuesday. Second, I really love the Five minute Friday write!! In fact, you have inspired me to try it! Last, I love keeping up with all the happenings of the little Stubbe family! Miss you! xoxo