Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watoto Children's Choir

For a few months now, we've been hearing and reading in church about the Watoto Children's Choir coming to visit on Easter Sunday. I was looking forward to it. Thought it'd be cute and fun to see the kids sing. I had NO IDEA.




When we arrived at church on Sunday and saw that their bus was already parked by the door. We were surprised that they were there because we thought they were arriving later that day. As we walked in, we saw them all crowded into our church library, and after a few minutes, they came into the sanctuary to warm up and practice before church started.




Let me just say, I was in tears watching them PRACTICE. The congregation was on the verge of a standing ovation during their warm ups - that's not something that happens very often! Their energy was indescribable. (Literally, indescribable - I'm sitting here trying to tell you about it, and I can't!)



During the service (which was wonderful itself), these 21 precious children sang a beautiful song called "I am Not Forgotten." It was so moving and awe-inspiring. The video below is one I found on youtube of them singing it. Please watch it - it will be worth your time!

When they finished singing, we clapped and clapped and clapped, and the amazing thing was, their choir director came up on stage, led the congregation in an acapello praise song, and turned the entire focus back on God. They choked me up all over again!



Later that evening, we headed back to church for a "Concert of Hope." I was so thrilled to get to see them again and for Janie to watch this time! It was so incredibly beautiful, sad, and hopeful. Here is the song that moved me the most - wow - just heartbreaking.

This concert was also the most interactive performance I've ever seen! They had a whole congregation of PRESBYTERIANS up and moving and dancing their tushies off! It was hilarious and so refreshing!



Please watch these videos if you have about fifteen minutes to learn more about this incredible ministry!

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