Monday, April 11, 2011

The post in which I may bore you to tears (but I hope I don't!)

So I was able to get all that blogging done after a week of being home from school because of the horrible epidemic called pink eye. One round for Janie, two rounds for me. Yuck yuck yuck. What happened (because I'm sure you're all dying to know) is that my eye doctor recommended that I should wait on the antibiotics since Janie is so young and I am still nursing. I am a big fan of holding off on antibiotics unless they are absolutely necessary (and am so grateful to have found doctors to support that!) so I agreed. While I'm still glad we decided that, it didn't quite work out this time around... it cleared up in my left eye just in time for me to go to ONE day of work this week and then get it again in my right eye. And this time, it was bad. As in... I looked like a monster bad. So after a few panicked calls to my eye doctor, I got the medicine I needed and it cleared right up! 

On the upside, I was able to spend almost the entire week with my sweet, precious little baby, and I got so much laundry done! Whew! (Still not even done though... seriously, how can 3 people wear SO MANY CLOTHES!?) 

Then the weekend came. How I love my weekends. I cherish those days to spend with Jason and Janie together at the same time. I love spending so many hours together doing whatever we want to do!

Friday night, we headed over to Jason's parents' house with delicious food from the Coney (one of our favorite restaurants - an Irish pub style restaurant)... wings, sandwiches, fries... yummy! We ate lots and then watched the DVRed American Idol results show (What! Pia?? She was amazing!) Then we searched through Comcast to find a movie to watch. We really wanted to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader but when it wasn't available, we decided on Life as We Know It with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. I've been wanting to watch this since I read about it on one of my favorite blogs, Babe of My Heart. Andrea has four children and lives in Atlanta where the movie was filmed. They got to be extras in the movie, and one of her children has a bigger part than expected. You can read about it here and here if you're interested. It's pretty cool! The movie was cute and funny and sadder than I expected, and I really enjoyed a lot. 

Laying with dogs

This. Oh how I love this. Hanging out while I do laundry. 

Saturday came brighter and earlier than most, as Jason headed off to a Men's Breakfast with his dad to learn about becoming a man of God. It was nice for them to be able to do that together. Janie and I stayed home and I got (more!) laundry done. After Jason returned, I did (more!) laundry and then we hopped in the car for an early supper out and a drive around the country. It was nice and relaxing... the day ended with some time on the front porch wrapped in blankets... love it!

Hoodie on porch

Janie on the porch smiling at Mama.

Sunday morning we went to church where Jason and I played handbells and Janie took a loooooong nap in the nursery. We went out to lunch and had delicious sandwiches and then picked up Jason's parents and headed off to one of our favorite places around - a little outdoor shopping area. We did, after all, need to celebrate the 75 degree weather!!!!!!! We had a great time, browsing, picking up some new clothes for me and Janie, some glass storage wear for our kitchen, and a few other little things. We ate a delicious dinner to top it all off and drove home STUFFED. 

White hatWaving hi with Grandpa

Janie ready for the sunshine and waving hi with Grandpa.

What a blessing these weekends are. I am excited to get back to school after missing so much last week but I always wish we had one more day at home together. I love my little family.

Beds at Macy'sNew nightgown!

Trying out the beds in Macy's and modeling her brand-new, very first BIG GIRL nightgown.

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