Saturday, April 9, 2011


There is, sort of, life other than Miss Elizabeth Jane... some more pictures of life through the iPhone...


Clockwise from top left: Wilson helping me with my coupons, yummy coffee in the morning, first glance of Aggie, puppy relaxing in her new home.


Getting bigger and bigger, our new Keurig, snuggling with Aggie, smoothie made with the last of the summer blueberries.


Greek yogurt is my new favorite, the promise of spring, farm fresh eggs, handsome Wilson.


Shiny pretty bell, watching Modern Family, we all did a 5K for my dad (even Janie!), Jason walking the dogs.


America, homemade pearsauce for Jane, Ladies' Night Out at Miss Laurie's, playing Settlers of Catan.


Delicious and chocolatey cookies, Rubber Duckie waiting for Janie to join him in the bathtub, Janie's lunch, reminiscing over the day Jason proposed 3 years ago.

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